Lead School-Age Staff

The BCC is hiring for a part-time Lead School-Age Staff! Program Lead Staff work in our Before and After School Programs and on No School Fun Days. This position reports to the School-Age Programs Director. Pay is $14.00/hr

Job Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Provide supervision to the children in the program (Ratio is 1 staff to 15 children).
  • Assist with projects, games and activities for the children.
  • Assist with lunch, do appropriate clean up and provide supervision while in the kitchen.
  • Use good judgment while supervising a game, event, activity, park play, etc. (Safety first, Always).
  • Assist in clean up after projects, games, play, and other activities.
  • Help with accidents, bumps and bruises, vomiting, and applying Band-Aids.
  • Greet parents, children and others that come into the building or as you come into the building, as well as telling them” goodbye” when it is time for you or them to go.
  • Assist parents who have questions and/or concerns as best you can.
  • You are a role model- set a good example for the children as well as other staff (If they shouldn’t be doing it, you shouldn’t be doing it).
  • All staff are expected to be pleasant, courteous, and respectful towards the children, parents, and other staff members.
  • Any concerns or complaints should be taken to the Director for discussion.
  • Physical demands may  include but are not limited to: walking, playing games with the children, running, throwing, being outdoors, possibly carrying a child if an emergency situation occurs, sweeping, mopping, possible light lifting and carrying objects.
  • Adhere to state licensing requirements including all program regulations and staffing requirements (i.e. staff training requirements, proper student and staff documentation, ratios, safety precautions, etc.)
  • Plan and implement daily activities and program structure for all school age programs (i.e before school, after school, PLC days, no school fun days, summer program)
  • Staff duties may change due to program changes and/or circumstances.
  • Reliability 

Skills and knowledge

  • Playing with/supervising  the children in a respectful and pleasant manner.
  • Knowledge of games and activities.
  • Effective responses to problem behavior (we will assist in educating you in these practices). 
  • First Aid/CPR certified (or willing to obtain after employment)
  • Supervising and/or directing peers (with support from directors).
  • Ability to adapt quickly and problem solve.
  • Strong communication skills with directors, staff, parents and students alike.

Expected Schedule

*some flexibility available*

AM Shifts — 6:15am-8:15am, Monday-Friday

PM Shifts — 2:30pm-5:45pm, Monday-Friday


Interested in becoming a part-time staff at the Belmont Community Center?

Do the shifts available fit your schedule?

Email our School-Age Programs Director, Tessie Schroeder

Belmont Community Center prohibits discrimination against employees, directors, or officers on account of race, color, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, mental or physical disability or national origin. In addition, the Belmont Community Center prohibits retaliation/victimization against an employee for complaining about alleged discrimination and/or harassment.


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