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My usual next line if we were in person would be, “We’re not the Belmont Rec Center. We’re down the hill — the building with the silver domed roof…” Trailing off, I would then look to you for recognition or confusion, both reactions I’ve learned prompt a welcomed history lesson. I love to share our story, and when it’s my turn I launch into a polished elevator speech, summing up over 80 years of BCC history combined with an introduction into our current programming. But, I love it just as much when I sense the spirit to reminisce. Some of you know the Belmont Community Center well, and explode into cherished memories that span generations.

Whether you’re new to our community or an established member of our narrative — welcome. We’re glad you’re here, and just as much, we’re glad we’re here. The Belmont Community Center has been a place for personal growth and resident engagement for decades, but a community center doesn’t mean much without the community — without the people — without the YOU. It has been our joy at the BCC to mentor youth, provide space for residents, and partner with others who match our passion for neighborhood investment and positive change. The Belmont Community Center is a place for personal growth in the presence of community. Join us in your journey to become+connect.


Emily A. Koopmann, Executive Director

Our History

Originally founded in an abandoned church in 1937, the Belmont Community Center began with a collective desire for youth programming and neighborhood connections.

Our Mission & Values

The Belmont Community Center is a space that promotes individual growth in the presence of community.


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Meet the


Emily Koopmann I Executive Director

Emily combines her Bachelors in Business with her Masters in Intercultural and Urban Studies by living at the intersection between community building and youth programming. With Gallup Strengths like WOO (winning others over) and Strategic, she enjoys the role of Executive Director because it gives her a chance to build on visions and recruit passionate people to the cause.

Outside of work Emily loves to Jazzercise, read, and play cards with family. Emily tags team life with her son Max and together they enjoy superheroes and corndogs.

Karen French I Assistant Director

Bringing her multitude of talents to the BCC for over 20 years, Karen has instilled her passion for helping children in nearly every facet of the community center. With a degree in human services alongside a background in childcare and elevating small businesses, Karen’s ability to bring people together is unmatched.

When Karen isn’t championing the BCC, she’s soaking up every moment with her family — especially her grandchildren Elijah and Esmee. Her seasonal maker’s markets are a staple of her local community in Malcolm, NE and you’ll find that her next big project is always in the works!

Levi EggersI Programs Director

Levi holds 5 years of experience in facilitating elementary-age, before and after school programs alongside Lincoln Public Schools. His passion for out of school learning shines through because he works to form meaningful relationships with students and their families!

When Levi is not in a competitive four square game with BCC students, he enjoys backpacking in the mountains, playing basketball, and eating from taco trucks. He is currently pursuing his degree in education and hopes to become a 2nd grade teacher here in Lincoln!

Kylie Herbert I Preschool Teacher

Kylie has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration with minors in Educational Studies and Special Education to provide a classroom experience for all types of learners. Her ultimate goal is to prepare students for kindergarten with engaging topics and random dance parties!

Kylie enjoys binge watching Netflix, trying new restaurants, and spending time with her fiance, Eric. Kylie also loves Scooter’s Coffee, Chipotle, and watching sports with her family! Go Big Red and Go Chiefs!

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Program Staff

Ms. Emily

Ms. Emma

Ms. Megan G

Meet the

Board Members

  • Pat Enevoldsen Early Childhood Educator, Retired — Presiding Officer
  • Stephen Lindgren — Cornhusker Bank, Retired — Treasurer
  • Tammie Herrington — Human Resource Specialist, University of Nebraska Lincoln 
  • Todd Duncan — Chairman, Duncan Aviation
  • Bobbie Ehrlich — Teacher, Lincoln Public Schools (Belmont Elementary)
  • Kay Funk — Vice President of Human Resources & Facilities Management, Retired

  • Stacy Robak — Office Administrator, Waste Connections of Nebraska (BCC Parent)

  • Liz Neujahr ––  Special Education Teacher, Syracuse- Dunbar- Avoca Public Schools (Former BCC Student)

  • Kim Fitz  — Technical Solution Architect, NTT Data Services (Belmont Neighborhood Assoc. Member)

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