If your  child is ill, please keep him/her home until they are well enough to  participate and enjoy the Summer Program. We are required to exclude any child from our programs who has any illness associated with a fever or  any communicable condition such as diarrhea, ringworm, impetigo, head lice,  pink eye, and scabies. If a parent chooses not to exclude his/her child, the  parent must provide a written statement from a physician indicating the the  child’s illness or condition is not highly communicable. A child should have  a normal temperature for 24 hours before returning to the  program. If your child becomes ill at the Center, we will separate them from  the others while we contact you and plans are made to pick them up.

*Call us if your child will be absent.

You may call the Center after 6:30  AM at 402-477-8854



The rules of the  program are important and will be followed closely, so each child has the  opportunity to have fun, in a safe environment.

  • Rough housing or horse play  will not be allowed (no hitting, spitting, wrestling, etc.)
  • Absolutely no foul  language or name calling will be allowed.
  • Children MUST wear shoes at all times, preferably tennis shoes.
  • Please do not let your child  bring candy or gum to the Summer Program. Children will only be  allowed to buy items from the pop or candy machines during supervised times  (during lunch – with a parent’s approval).
  • Any medicines which  need to be given to your child during child care hours MUST be  brought in to the office in the original, labeled container and we  MUST have a parent’s signature on a Child’s Medication Record form  BEFORE we can give the medicine. All medications given as needed must have a Dr. note saying the child may have medication as needed before we can administer it to your child. Call the office if you have  questions. All medications will be kept locked in the Center office.
  • The Belmont Community  Center reserves the right to suspend any participant who is causing serious  problems or injury to any participant or supervisor either verbally or  physically. Suspension, which may be from one day to permanent, will take place  according to the Participant Suspension Policy. The Executive Director of  the Center will have the discretion of enacting the policy. Parents will be  notified about such suspension immediately.
  • Parents of children not picked up by 5:45 PM for the Super Summer Program will be  charged $3.00 for the first five (5) minutes and $1.00 for every  minute after that time.