Please do not let your child bring candy or gum or toys to Preschool.

Please do not send  invitations to be distributed at Preschool unless enough are sent for  each child to receive one. A list of names and addresses of each  class will be provided. Please notify us if you do not wish to be included in this listing.

We will celebrate all children’s birthday or 1/2 birthday (for our summer birthday kids) during the  Preschool year. We invite the parents to bring a “special treat” for snack  time for their child’s class on that day. Please- NO CAKE OR CUPCAKES!

Please read your monthly newsletters/calendars for special events, Show & Tell days, snacks schedule and other important information.

We will try to notify parents on Facebook of any important dates, changes or updates. If you are on Facebook, please “Like” us to get notifications etc.