Due to the COVID-19 the BCC Preschool may close when updates indicate it is necessary. We follow the guidelines provided to us by the Health Dept. etc.

If your  child is ill, please keep him/her home until they are well enough  to participate and enjoy Preschool. We will exclude any  child from Preschool who has any illness associated with a fever or any communicable condition such as diarrhea, ringworm, impetigo, head lice, pink  eye, and severe rash.

If a parent chooses not to exclude his/her child, the  parent must provide a written statement from a physician indicating that the  child’s illness or condition is not highly communicable. A child should have  a normal temperature for 24 hours before returning to Preschool. If your  child becomes ill at Preschool, we will separate them from the class until  your are contacted and the child is picked up.

Please  call us if your child will be absent. You may call the Center after 6:30 AM  at 402-477-8854 or contact us via email at belmontccpreschool@gmail.com, to let us know your child will be absent. Please let us know if your phone numbers,address, or daycare  providers have changed. It’s important we have current information in case we  need to reach you.